Vietnam for a while

What is this

This is a blog that  pretends to be the reference for all the volunteers who, for a while, have chosen Vietnam to make an experience as a Volunteer. In this blog the new volunteers are going to find many tools to enjoy their volunteer service in Volunteers for Peace Vietnam. Also, the blog will be a very good site to keep alive the memories about their experiences and feelings of the volunteers after Vietnam.


The blog is divided in different categories. There, the new volunteers are going to find information and descriptions of the different projects where Volunteers for Peace Vietnam is involved; stories of previous volunteers who worked in the different projects (taken care for disables children, teaching English…); photos and videos. In the blog they will find also the thoughts and feelings of the author about Hanoi and Vietnam, it wants to be a good reference for the weekends and free time of the volunteers, a very good time to escape and discover the culture, customs and traditions of Vietnam, far of the way of the turist. The last point of the blog it will be a guide of resources to be volunteer again in the future, because normally, when you begin, you cannot stop.


Because nowadays be volunteer, in the world that we are living, is probably one of the most difficult decision that we can take. Because help with our effort in different projects along the world, without any salary, developing the culture, education, facilities, happiness, health… of the people of developing countries, is very very honest. Because any help for the volunteer, as the help that you can find in this blog, is always welcome for the volunteers that, normally, have no idea about what is going to find in Vietnam before arrive here.

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